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Progressive Labs has produced BP Natural to promote a healthy blood pressure. Along with cardiovascular support, this dietary supplement is formulated with a wealth of key ingredients in order to provide users with these benefits:

  • Grape seed extract contains a high concentration of linoleic acid, vitamin E, and flavonoids to repress the production of enothelin-1, which is a protein that has been shown to cause blood vessel constriction
  • Curcumin is a biologically active component that is formulated to support healthy blood cholesterol, encourage normal blood clotting, and maintain regular internal reactions
  • Promegranate extract may improve blood flow to the heart
  • Japanese knotweed to promote healthy blood vessels, arteries, and heart beat rhythms
  • BP Natural by Progressive Labs can also offers efficient endothelial function.

BP Natural from Progressive Labs is especially designed for those who have high blood pressure. Because high blood pressure has been linked to heart attacks and strokes, consuming a dietary supplement like BP Natural can be critical for heart health.

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