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by BodyBio
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Phosphatidylcholine, or PC, is a fatty molecule that is contained in every cell of your body, mostly in the membranes of your cells. It’s found in foods like soybeans, eggs, sunflower, and mustard. While important for full-body health, PC is especially vital for a healthy liver and sharp mental focus.

Adequate PC levels allow the body to heal many kinds of liver damage and keep cholesterol in check. PC is broken down into molecules that become the building blocks for neurotransmitters, improving memory and verbal and visual acuity. As we age, PC levels decrease, putting us at greater risk of memory problems and impaired brain function.

BodyBio created BodyBio PC 300 softgels with four pure forms of phospholipids that are easily absorbed. PC reduces brain fog, promotes liver health, increases mitochondrial function, and improves memory.

BodyBio PC 300 softgels by BodyBio:

  • Are non-GMO.
  • Are safe for children and during pregnancy.
  • Contain no soy proteins.
Heat Sensitive Product
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300 softgels