Nanominerals 60 caps by BioPharma Scientific

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Nanominerals 60 caps by Biopharma Scientific is an all-natural essential mineral supplement. These essential minerals that the body cant create on its own are necessary for all aspects of normal body functions.

There are ten minerals included in this blend, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium. Small amounts of these minerals must be consumed along with a balanced diet to keep the body balanced and performing correctly. The minerals in Nanominerals are specifically attached to an amino acid to improve their absorption by the body. Improper amounts of minerals in the body can lead to poor sleep, food cravings, and decreased hydration and performance.

Biopharma Scientifics Nanominerals 60 caps provide a multi-mineral supplement

  • Provides essential minerals
  • Adds to a healthy diet
  • Supports muscle function and energy production
  • Maintain hydration and proper sleep patterns

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