B12-Methyl 1000 mcg 100 caps by Bio-Tech

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B12-Methyl 1000 mcg by Bio-Tech is a supplement that is often taken to increase the alertness of the mind. It is also common for maintaining a steady body temperature. Some with diabetes can take B12-Methyl 1000 mcg by Bio-Tech in order to relieve some of the pain that is felt from the disease. It can also be used to relieve some of the symptoms that are associated with Bell's Palsy. B12-Methyl 1000 mcg by Bio-Tech contains is a pain killer and is often used for headaches, muscle cramps and other pains in the body from illnesses or injuries. Women who are pregnant can take the supplement to support the skeletal system, especially the spine, of the baby. It can decrease the risk of the baby being born with spina bifida.

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