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Astaxanthin is classified as a carotenoid reddish-pink pigment naturally produced by microalgae and found in such marine creatures as shrimp, Pacific salmon, lobster and trout. Astaxanthin is considered a super antioxidant and is often nicknamed king of the carotenoids. It is at least ten times more powerful than other antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene found in such fresh produce items as tomatoes and carrots. Scientific research has shown that Astaxanthin tops the list, containing the most power and efficacy of any category of antioxidants. There are a number of very positive benefits that may potentially result when Astaxanthin by Jarrow Formulas is taken on a regular basis as a dietary supplement.

Improved Joint Health

Astaxanthin by Jarrow Formulas works naturally to potentially eliminate inflammation in the body, so it has proven helpful in eliminating or reducing the pain and pressure many individuals feel in their joints as they age or experience such conditions as arthritis. Many individuals prefer to include Astaxanthin in their diet rather than take prescription or over-the-counter analgesics to combat joint pain and discomfort because it tends to produces no ill side effects such as ulcers or heartburn. There is also no potential danger of becoming addicted to its usage as there may with many traditional medication.

Healthy Skin

Another noticeable benefit from taking Astaxanthin from Jarrow Formulas as a dietary supplement is potentially supporting healthy skin, the body's largest organ. Just as the presence of Astaxanthin provides fish and sea creatures with protection from the UV rays of the sun, it may perform a similar function for humans. This antioxidant also helps to improve the moisture content of the skin, making it look more supple and radiant. In addition, Astaxanthin can be helpful in potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles that often accompany the aging process.

Increased Energy

Individuals who commonly suffer from fatigue can possibly improve their energy levels by taking Astaxanthin by Jarrow Forumulas on a regular basis. The Astaxanthin present in the system of salmon make it possible for them to undertake the arduous journey upstream every year to spawn. Humans who take this antioxidant can usually notice improved levels of energy and increased strength. Those who suffer from muscle fatigue following periods of strenuous exercise can also potentially benefit from using Astaxanthin to speed up their recovery.

Additional Benefits

Beyond potentially improving strength and energy in the body, eliminating inflammation and joint tenderness and pain, and improving the health and appearance of the skin, Astaxanthin by Jarrow Formulas may also provide several other health benefits when it is used on an ongoing basis. Astaxanthin may help to support improved cardiovascular health, which improves the functioning not only of the heart but also the overall circulatory system, ensuring that sufficient blood supply reaches every organ in the body for maximum performance. Astaxanthin has been shown to potentially improve brain health, which may be beneficial in avoiding potential diseases affecting the memory such as dementia and Alzheimers. Taking Astaxanthin may help to protect each cell of the body from oxidative damage. Astaxanthin also promotes healthy functioning of the body's nervous system. As a super antioxidant supplement, Astaxanthin may help to support and improve the body's overall immune system response, the first line of defense against illness and disease.

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