Andrographis Plus 200 mg 90 tabs by Metagenics

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Individuals who have a strong immune system are those most likely to enjoy health and vitality throughout their lifetime since they are less likely to be susceptible to chronic illness and disease. Andrographis Plus 200 mg by Metagenics is a dietary supplement designed to nourish and support the health of the body's immune system. Andrographis Plus 200 mg tablets by Metagenics draws on a number of potent Asian and Aryuvedic herbs with proven ability to support immune system response. This proprietary blend includes Andrographis Leaf Extract and Amia, along with a 5:1 mixture of apricot seed, glehnia root, soybean, gardenia fruit, pear fruit and Zhejiang Fritillary.

Individuals who choose to take Andrographis Plus 200 mg by Metagenics on a regular basis can enjoy several important benefits that contribute to good health:

  • Supports the ability of the immune system to defend against illness and chronic disease.
  • Aids in supporting the health of the lungs and the respiratory system.
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