Adrenal Response Complete Care 90 tabs by Innate Response

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Your body has two adrenal glands, each sitting atop one of your kidneys. These glands are responsible for releasing an important hormone called cortisol into the bloodstream during times of stress to provide the body with added energy. Innate Response Adrenal Response Complete Care 90 Tabs is a dietary supplement containing nutrients and herbs specifically designed to ensure the ongoing health and optimal functioning of these hormone-producing adrenal glands.

Many people who live in stressful environments or situations have adrenal glands that are either overactive or underactive, affecting their energy levels, and leaving them with such symptoms as fatigue, easy bruising of the skin, weight gain, high blood pressure, depression and low energy. By taking this adrenal gland supplement, individuals can be proactive in supporting healthy adrenal gland balance by maintaining healthy cortisol levels even during periods of stress.

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