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Eating right is only half the battle. Active B-Complex uses the active forms of B6 and B9 to support the methylation process and help get more energy from the food you eat. Plus it contains the best B vitamins to help support energy and mood. Active B-Complex is a targeted approach to give you the best of the B vitamins in a high potency formula.

  • Get more energy from food: Contains the most active forms of vitamins B9 and B12 to help you produce more cellular energy from your food.
  • Most advanced form of folate: Active B-Complex contains L-5-MTHF, the most absorbable and active form of vitamin B9 (folate).
  • Mood support: B6, B9 and B12 helps support mood and general feeling of well-being in a delightful natural cherry flavored tablet.
  • High potency B complex: Active B-Complexcontains 100% DV or more of B vitamins.

Key Benefits

Active B-Complex is a targeted approach to give you the best of the B vitamins in a high potency formula to help support:

  • Mood and general feeling of well-being
  • Energy
  • Metabolism

Tastes like candy. Melts like magic.

Get the Bs you need with none of the water. Active B-Complex is an ultra-convenient tablet that quickly melts in your mouth. Plus, it has a great natural cherry flavor youll enjoy everywhere life takes you.

Nutrition & Ingredients

  • Vitamin B6 250% daily value to help support energy and mood.
  • Vitamin B7 100% daily value in the form of Biotin to help support energy production from food.
  • Vitamin B9 100% daily value in the most active form of folate: L-5-MTHF.
  • Vitamin B12 16,667% daily value in the most active form of cobalamin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Im already taking a multivitamin. Can I take too many B vitamins?

  • No. B vitamins are water soluble, so youre unlikely to experience any side effects from taking too much.

What B vitamins are in Active B-Complex?

  • B6 pyridoxine HCl
  • B7 d-Biotin
  • B9 calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF)
  • B12 methylcobalamin

Why are there only 4 B vitamins in Active B-Complex?

  • Active B-Complex is specifically formulated to help support energy, mood & metabolism. We only included the best of the B vitamins for these benefits.

Can vegans and vegetarians take Active B-Complex?

  • Yes. Active B-Complex is vegan-friendly.

How do I take Active B-Complex?

  • Active B-Complex comes in a delicious, natural cherry flavored tablet that quickly dissolves in your mouth without water.

Why does Active B-Complex contain folate instead of folic acid?

  • Folic acid is a synthetic version of vitamin B9 that is poorly absorbed. The folate in Active B-Complex is the most active and bioavailable form, L-5-MTHF.

Is L-5-MTHF synthetic?

  • No. L-5-MTHF is the most active form of vitamin B9. Folic acid, the most common form of vitamin B9, is synthetic.

What is methylation?

  • Methylation is a process that helps produce ATP®energy that every cell uses, and also supports mood. There are three B vitamins that are crucial to this process: B6, B9, and B12. However, in order for B9 and B12 to help with methylation, they need to be in their methyl forms. Namely, methylcobalamin and L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF).
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