Absolute Moisture 2.5 fl oz by Bioelements Inc.

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Absolute Moisture 2.5oz from Bioelements Inc. is a lightweight moisturizing agent designed for the skin of the face. It contains a unique formula designed to leave the skin with just enough moisture to remain hydrated. The key to effectively accomplishing the right balance of moisturizing is the way that the self-adjusting agents work within this moisturizer. A combination of self-adjusting elements like sodium hyaluronate and sodium PCA work to absorb the right amount of moisture without leaving the skin feeling oily or dry. Almond, avocado and jojoba oils represent another reason Absolute Moisture 2.5oz successfully moisturizes the skin. These natural ingredients in this formula form Bioelements Inc. are designed to help retain moisture while nourishing the skin, which in turn makes it look even more beautiful.

Some other benefits of using Absolute Moisture 2.5oz from Bioelements Inc. include:

  • Achieving the right balance of moisture that won't leave skin too dry or too oily by utilizing self-adjusting moisturizers
  • Delivering vitamins to the skin that support skin healthier in appearance and texture
  • Moisturizing the face without ingredients that can negatively impact the skin like alcohol, BHA, sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan
  • Reducing the appearance of creases, fine lines, minor wrinkles and other skin issues by helping the skin to retain more moisture
  • Restoring moisture to the skin while preventing the loss of water by creating a protective layer between the skin and the outside elements that strip moisture from the skin
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