SleepBlend 15 caps by Vitanica

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The SleepBlen by Vitanica is an all-natural supplement that helps to provide natural support for sleeping better. The quality of your life is in direct relation to the quality of your sleep. This natural sleep aid helps the body to repair and rejuvenate properly when you are not getting the right amount of restful sleep. The SleepBlen by Vitanica provides that boost when the body feels frazzled and exhausted and:

• Provides a natural solution to added stress levels
• Combines botanicals and melatonin to allow body to fall fast asleep
• Aids in calming the body, causing it to relax, and supporting normal biorhythms
• Allows both the body and the mind to relax

The SleepBlen by Vitanica is an essential part of comprehensive sleep habits, regulating the sleep cycles and acting like an antioxidant to promote normal immune function. These all-natural capsules contain magnesium that help to restore normal levels of relaxation in the body while relieving muscle tension. Aids in the normal production of melatonin and supports neurotransmitter levels.

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15 caps