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Iodoral 12.5 mg by Optimox is a high potency Iodine/Potassium Iodide supplement in tablet form, compared to liquid. Iodine's primary function as an essential element is producing thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland, although other organs need iodine for normal function.

One 12.5 mg serving of Iodoral is a tablet form of Lugol's solution. Lugol's was used extensively and effectively in the 1900's for both lowered and elevated activity of the thyroid gland. Since the optimal amount is unknown, the basis for and formulation of this elemental supplement comes from the consumption of the people of mainland Japan. With the people there consuming an average of 13.8 mg per day and determined to be one of the healthiest people on earth. (Abraham, G.E., Flechas, J.D., Hakala, J.C., The Original Internist, 9:30-41, 2002)

Some benefits of Iodoral 12.5 mg by Optimox may include:

  • Promoting thyroid health
  • Managing over or underactive thyroid activity
  • Reduced risk for some goiters
  • Improved cognitive function
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