Vitamin C Powder 1 lb by Metabolic Maintenance

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Health Benefits of Vitamin C Powder 1 lb

Vitamin C Powder 1 lb from Metabolic Maintenance provides the human body with an essential water soluble vitamin that it cannot make on its own. The body needs vitamin C for a variety of reasons, including healthy bones, cartilage, muscles, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is widely known for its ability to help ward off various infections, such as the common cold, and infections of the bladder, skin, prostate, and intestines. Other benefits and uses of Vitamin C Powder 1 lb from Metabolic Maintenance include:

• Correcting protein imbalances
• Increasing heart and blood vessel health
• Reducing the occurrence of gum disease
• Reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol
• Decreasing the incidence and severity of skin outbreaks

Vitamin C Powder 1 lb from Metabolic Maintenance can also help increase physical endurance and prevent clots in veins and arteries. In addition, Vitamin C has been helpful for some people going through withdrawals from drug addictions.

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