4 Tips to Stay Active and Pain-Free this Winter

4 Tips to Stay Active and Pain-Free this Winter

Each different season has its own character and particular challenges. In the winter the cold temperatures are not only uncomfortable but bring about specific issues when you are trying to keep yourself healthy and pain free.

Snow, in and of itself, causes any number of issues. Shoveling snow is extremely strenuous exercise and sends thousands of people to the hospital every year with injuries and even heart attacks. Think of it as doing a lot of reps lifting weights because that is what it actually is. If you don’t usually do that kind of work out it can leave you feeling very sore not to mention, if it’s done improperly, it can injure your back. If you don’t have the option of a snow blower, make sure you have the kind of shovel that’s designed to be ergonomic and reduce strain on your low back. Of course snow and ice are slippery and cause a lot of otherwise upright, stable walking people to take a dive. It’s especially dangerous for those with balance or walking issues. Good footwear with sturdy soles are a must.

Another issue that comes with the cold that many people don’t realize is that it makes you shrug, huddle up and contract to stay warm. This often causes a stiff neck and shoulders. Many of us tend to move a bit less in the winter or if we do go to the gym, we might stiffen up quickly when that blast of outdoor air hits us on the way to the car.

There are several things you can do to keep healthy, active and pain free in the winter months.

4 Tips to Stay Healthy and Pain-Free this Winter


Use these common sense tips this winter and stay safe and pain-free.

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