Ubiquinol QH-Absorb 100 mg by Jarrow Formulas

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Ubiquinol QH-Absorb 100 mg, an advanced Co-Q10 supplement proprietary to Jarrow Formulas, contains Ubiquinol in a high-absorption softgel capsule. A reduced, "Active Antioxidant" form of Co-Q10, Ubiquinol is more easily assimilated by the body, especially as it ages. Coupled with the QH-Absorb formula, this results in a far higher level of absorption than standard Co-Q10 supplements.

Co-Q10 has been known for years as an antioxidant, and is found naturally in the human body. It is vital in the production and distribution of energy, and can be found in every cell, but is often concentrated in areas that require a great deal of energy, such as the heart and liver. As a result, Co-Q10 supplements are frequently taken to promote heart and liver health.

Co-Q10 supplements can help combat deficiencies that may become a threat to health as the consumer ages. Organs can require a greater amount of energy as they age, and without a corresponding increase in production, deficiency can result. Co-Q10 deficiency has been linked to several health risks, including high blood pressure, chest pain, and heart failure.

Ubiquinol is the form of Co-Q10 produced naturally by human cells, and is absorbed especially well by older consumers over plain Co-Q10. This allows for more efficient delivery of Co-Q10 to the body, with less potential waste. Jarrow Formulas' Stabilized QH-Absorb uses a proprietary formula to further increase the amount of Co-Q10 absorbed from the supplement. Clinical studies have shown an increase in plasma Co-Q10 of over 750% over baseline when Ubiquinol QH-Absorb is taken in a 300 mg dose daily, in the space of two weeks.

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