U-Tract Complete 76 gms by Progressive Labs

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Formulated by Progressive Labs, U-Tract Complete 76 gms may promote optimal urinary tract health. Urinary tract infections are often accompanied by a strong and frequent urge to use the bathroom. Those who are experiencing some of these symptoms should consider consuming U-Tract Complete 76 gms by Progressive Labs.

This potentially effective dietary supplement provides the following ingredients:

  • D-mannose is a simple sugar that can attract and bind to harmful bacteria in order to smoothly pass these damaging tiny single-cell microorgasnisms by passing urine
  • UTIRose is an extract that is derived from the hibiscus flower. As a complementary active ingredient to D-mannose, this component may bind to bacteria like E. coli
  • Cranbumycin is designed to prevent bacteria from adhering to the stomach and teeth
  • U-Tract Complete 76 gms from Progressive Labs contains extracts that may reduce symptoms of urinary tract infection.
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