Taurine 500 mg 100 caps by Allergy Research Group

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Taurine 500 mg capsules, available from Allergy Research Group, supply one of the amino acids that your body uses to make muscle and other tissues. Taurine is found in animal products such as meat and fish. If a person isn’t eating enough protein they may become deficient in taurine.

Like most amino acids, taurine is necessary for proper functioning of brain cells, the heart, and the retina. It’s also an ion that serves to keep the pH levels in the body in balance.

Taurine 500 mg supplements by Allergy Research Group are known to benefit the body in several ways. These include:

  • Helping to regulate the flow of electrolytes in the blood
  • Providing additional antioxidants to help prevent tissue damage
  • Compensating for the lack of dietary quantities for vegetarians
  • Providing free form amino acids that can be easily utilized

Allergy Research Group manufactures Taurine 500 mg capsules that provide the recommended daily intake without the added ingredients that energy drinks and similar products contain.

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