Syntol AMD 360 caps by Arthur Andrew Medical Inc.

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Syntol AMD 360 caps by Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. is a gentle cleanse that simultaneously promotes a healthy intestinal balance. Containing 13.6 billion CFUs of synergistic probiotics, the formula aids in good digestion, promotes normal levels of natural yeast and bacteria colonies, and helps maintain the functioning of the immune system. It works to break down the dead and decaying yeast within the intestines, helping the body remove those toxins. Then, IMO, an isomaltooligosaccharide, stimulates growth. Because the toxins are safely expelled from the body, the product does not cause the extreme bloating or gas that is often caused by other cleanses.

The formula works to stop candida yeast from growing. It then cultivates the intestinal tract so it is perfectly suited for growing healthy bacteria. Unlike other probiotic formulas, Syntol actually provides the body with spores instead of living bacteria, ensuring their survival through the harsh environments of the first stages of digestion. By including a lactobacillus probiotic, hydrogen peroxide is created as a byproduct during bacterial growth. The peroxide is deadly to yeast as it breaks away the yeast’s protective protein encasement, leaving it exposed and vulnerable. The included cleanse expels the dead yeast and harmful bacteria which in turn keeps the body from experiencing the aforementioned byproducts of a typical cleanse.

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