Specially Coated Bromelain 60 tabs by Life Extension

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Specially Coated Bromelain by Life Extension is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy joint function by reducing joint pain, soreness and inflammation. The main active ingredient featured in Specially Coated Bromelain from Life Extension is a protease enzyme sourced from fresh pineapple stems. Each tablet has been enteric coated in this formulation in order to ensure that this enzyme passes through the stomach and into the intestines for maximum absorption. This supplement is an excellent choice for individuals experiencing any level of joint discomfort or such disorders that cause joint pain and swelling as arthritis or rheumatism.

Men and women who take Specially Coated Bromelain from Life Extension on a regular basis as directed can enjoy a variety of important health benefits:

  • Supports healthy joint function.
  • Helps alleviate joint inflammation, soreness and pain.
  • Aids in improving mobility and flexibility.
  • Promotes maintenance of healthy blood viscosity.
  • Supports healthy blood platelet aggregation.
Heat Sensitive Product
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60 Enteric Coated Tablets