Shen Ling 90 caps by Health Concerns

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Shen Ling by Health Concerns is an effective dietary supplement to help strengthen spleen function and help eliminate such spleen deficient symptoms as diarrhea and loose stools. Shen Ling by Health Concerns features astragalus as its primary ingredient, very effective at increasing the body's Qi as well as increasing the spleen and stomach yang. Good candidates for benefiting from Shen Ling are individuals who suffer from chronic diarrhea, muscle weakness and fatigue, poor appetite and weak digestion due to an excess of dampness in their system. Included in its blend of potent ingredients are baked licorice, codonopsis, dolichos seed and cardamon.

Individuals who take Shen Ling by health Concerns as directed can receive a range of key health benefits:

  • Provides gastrointestinal support by eliminating stomach bloating and fullness.
  • Helps to improve spleen function.
  • Aids in eliminating such digestive disorders caused by dampness as diarrhea and loose stools.

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90 Capsules