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Seleno Met by Klaire Labs is a specially formulated trace element that works against the oxidation of fats (lipids) and work together with Vitamin E to help in the production of the body??s antibodies, while also maintaining a healthy pancreas, liver, heart function, and thyroid. This selenium supplement acts as an antioxidant by activating the glutathione peroxidase, which is a special antioxidant enzyme that can help to protect cell membranes from the potentially hazardous free radicals. Seleno Met uses a yeast-free highly bioavailable form of selenium organically-bound chelated with methionine that is L-selenomethionine, which support glutathione activity, and is not adversely affected by the introduction of Vitamin C, unlike other forms of inorganic selenium.

Selenium is usually given in supplementation form when a deficiency occurs. A deficiency in this trace element usually occurs in areas where the soil is deficient in levels, where parts of the intestine were removed by surgery, where an inadequate diet may be present, or if an individual is chronically ill. When deficiency occurs, unlike other vitamin or mineral deficiencies, symptoms may seem like normal day today occurrence of conditions that may be overlooked. Noticeable symptoms of Selenium deficiency may include a compromised immune system where an individual is always catching colds and flu??s or becoming ill, heart problems, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, joint and bone problems, fatigue, and mental problems.

Although Selenium is important to the body??s healthy functioning, it is important not to take this supplement unless you have been diagnosed with low levels or a deficiency of selenium. This product should not be used for self medication past the recommended dosage on the bottle or as recommended by your local professional. Too much selenium can cause Selenium toxicity which may include symptoms including respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, neurological signs, as well as hair, teeth, nail, and skin changes. If a suspected overdose has occurred please seek professional medical attention immediately without delay for your health and well-being.

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