Old Indian Syrup for Kids 4 fl oz by Planetary Herbals

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Old Indian Syrup for Kids by Planetary Herbals is a natural dietary supplement for immune health with cold-fighting properties. It contains a formula packed with traditional medicine ingredients in a cherry-flavored syrup for kids.

Every year around winter, infections begin to spread more freely, putting everyone at risk for the cold or flu. Parents cannot always be there to steer their children away from illness inviting situations. Old Indian Syrup combines natural ingredients to help boost children's immune systems during this time. Providing valuable antioxidants and antibacterials to help fend off incoming infections even if children come into contact. This formula promotes healthy respiratory function by reducing inflammation and promoting productive coughing that will expel any phlegm or mucus if an infection has taken place.

Planetary Herbals' Old Indian Syrup for Kids is a natural immune-boosting and cold-fighting dietary supplement.

  • Adaptogenic for colds
  • Potent antioxidants
  • Cherry flavored
  • Boost immune health

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4 fl oz (118.28 mL)