Astragalus Jade Screen (Alcohol Free) 2 fl oz by Planetary Herbals

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Astragalus Jade Screen from Planetary Herbals is an immune-boosting dietary supplement. It contains astragalus root, Bai-Zhu atractylodes root, and siler root for a natural illness fighting blend.

Astragalus root is used in traditional medicine for many ailments. Astragalus provides nutrients that increase the production of white blood cells, which make up the immune system. A healthy immune system helps the body naturally defend against illnesses such as infections. It can also improve blood flow and reduce inflammation which supports overall health and wellness. Bai-Zhu and siler root help boost the body’s ability to fight against airborne illness by reducing inflammation and providing antioxidants to balance the immune system. This blend of roots is often used together to help defend from seasonal airborne illnesses.

Planetary Herbals' Astragalus Jade Screen is a traditional blend of natural herbs to fend off illnesses such as the flu.

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Boost immune system
  • Potent antioxidants

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2 fl oz (59.41 mL)