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If you’re looking for an alternative to NSAID or COX-2 inhibiting drugs to manage inflammation, consider Repair Guard Tablets by PERQUE. Ibuprofen and aspirin block the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and COX-2 inhibitors like Celebrex increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Repair Guard works with your body’s innate healing systems safely and holistically by fighting free radicals and boosting natural killer cells in the body.

Formulated with the powerful plant antioxidants quercetin dihydrate (the most absorbable form of quercetin) and pomegranate juice powder (one of nature’s strongest anti-inflammatories). Repair Guard also contains OPC’s, or orthoproanthocyanidins, which protect against both fat and water soluble free radicals that cause damage and inflamed tissues. OPC’s help decrease stress on cells and work to restore collagen and elastin.

PERQUE’s Repair Guard Tablets:

  • Are GMO-free
  • Are made meeting or exceeding CGMP (certified good manufacturing practices)
  • Has 485,600 ORACs (oxygen radical absorbance capacity)
791760013101, 791760013200
Heat Sensitive Product
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131 | 132
90/180 tabs