Glucose Regulation Guard Forte by PERQUE

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Regulating blood glucose is an important part of life for those living with pre-diabetes and diabetes. In order to maintain a healthy glucose level, the body needs effective delivery of glucose to cells for energy. Diet, physical activity, and weight are all contributors for a healthy body and healthy blood glucose levels.  Glucose Regulation Guard Forte by Perque can help support efforts to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Glucose Regulation Guard Forte is a unique blend of nutrients and herbs to help support blood sugar and energy regulation. Glucose Regulation Guard Forte contains ingredients from the Banaba Plant, which may help manage symptoms of diabetes, as well as with insulin uptake; Corocolic acid, which may help lower insulin resistance; chromium citrate, bitter melon, and huckleberry. Perque's Glucose Regulation Guard Forte may help:

  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Enhance glucose transport activity
  • And is all natural
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Heat Sensitive Product
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