Pan 10X 90 caps by Progressive Labs

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The Pan 10X by Progressive Labs is an all-natural supplement that is effective at promoting pancreas support. These capsules utilize a combination of pancreatic enzymes to help the body to better digest fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The Pan 10X by Progressive Labs helps the body to better break down foods and:

  • Allows vital nutrients to better reach the bloodstream
  • Promotes healthy blood cells that can deliver nutrients to the entire body
  • Comprised of three essential digestive enzymes normally produced in the pancreas
  • Aids pancreatic enzymes in the digestive process

The Pan 10X by Progressive Labs helps to effectively break down carbohydrates in the body and turn them into needed glucose. These all-natural capsules help to supple needed energy in the body while breaking down proteins. The Pan 10X by Progressive Labs produces amino acids as a result of breaking down those proteins, the basic structure of every cell. The capsules also aid the body in digesting unwanted viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream.

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90 caps