Optimized Tryptophan Plus 90 vcaps by Life Extension

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Optimized Tryptophan Plus by Life Extension is a dietary supplement designed to promote restful sleep, a positive mood and a balanced response to stress. The main active ingredient featured in Optimized Tryptophan Plus by Life Extension is the essential amino acid tryptophan, required for the healthy production and maintenance of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with the ability to enjoy quality sleep as well as maintain a positive mood. In addition to tryptophan, this formula also contains niacin, lysine, and extracts of hops and rosemary which work in concert to facilitate serotonin production. This is an excellent supplement choice for individuals experiencing heavy levels of stress and frequent insomnia who want a natural remedy for both.

Men and women who take Optimized Tryptophan Plus from Life Extension as part of their daily nutritional program can expect to experience an array of valuable health benefits:

  • Promotes quality, restful sleep.
  • Supports a positive mood.
  • Promotes a balanced response to stress.
  • Promotes feelings of satiety.
  • Stimulates the proper production of serotonin.
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