Neprinol AFD 300 caps by Arthur Andrew Medical Inc.

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Neprinol AFD 300 caps by Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. is an advanced fibrin defense formula made from systemic enzymes such as nattokinase, serrapeptase, lipase, protease, papain, bromelain, amla and rutin in addition to magnesium and coenzyme Q10. It is designed to fully support the healthy function of the immune and circulatory systems. Similar to the digestive enzymes that target the intestines, systemic enzymes work on the blood stream by purifying it and also aiding in the healthy functioning of the liver and cardiovascular system. The product is vegetarian friendly and extremely potent.

Fibrin, the main target of the product, is a protein that is naturally formed by the body. It is used to form scar tissue and help the body form blood clots after an injury. In a healthy body, this protein remains at an equilibrium, keeping the blood from being either too thin or too thick. To remove excess proteins, plasmin is produced. Working similar to this, Neprinol degrades fibrin so as to support healthy levels. Because of this, it is designed to be taken by those aiming to achieve healthy blood circulation. It also helps the body in maintaining healthy joints, a healthy immune system and a healthy response to various wounds.

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