Molybdenum Citrate 30 mcg 100 caps by Bio-Tech

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The Molybdenum Citrate 30 mcg by Bio-Tech is a lesser known mineral that is available in supplement form for promoting optimal heart health. This dietary supplement is normally produced in the body and usually obtained by consuming nuts, liver, grains, and leafy vegetables. The Molybdenum Citrate 30 mcg by Bio-Tech has strong antioxidant properties and:

• Promotes optimal health of the heart, blood, and cardiovascular system
• Aids the body in building up the immune system to fight off inflammation
• Effective at promoting optimal liver health and detoxification processes
• Has been efficient at lowering the levels of cooper in the body

The Molybdenum Citrate 30 mcg by Bio-Tech utilizes strong antioxidant properties for metabolizing sulfur-containing amino acid. This all-natural herbal supplement has been shown to fight off different autoimmune diseases in the body. The Molybdenum Citrate 30 mcg by Bio-Tech also has autoimmune benefits that help the body to achieve optimal health.

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