Lutein 20 mg 60 gels by Ecological Formulas

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Lutein is a cartenoid that naturally occurs within only plants. It plays an important role in developing healthy, strong eyes, hindering age-related macular degeneration and possibly the formation of cataracts.

Lutein 20 mg from Ecological Formulas provides a way to obtain lutein without making marked changes to your diet. Taking this supplement to obtain extra lutein may be advantageous, as it makes lutein more available within the body and therefore may potentially help your body to protect itself against free radicals.

Taking Lutein by Ecological Formulas may also help the body produce beneficial organic molecules such as meso-zeaxanthin, which may protect the macula from light-related damage by blocking damaging blue light from reaching too far into the eyes.

The benefits of taking Lutein by Ecological Formulas potentially includes:

  • May offer protection against eyesight degeneration related to age, exposure to free radicals and the sun
  • Possibly help improve the body's ability to create organics such as meso-zeaxanthin, which may protect the eyes from age-related degeneration
  • May help to heighten protection from free radicals, which can cause potential cellular mutation and other diseases
  • May protect against build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries

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