LiverEssence by Pure Essence

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Your liver has the tough job of processing the toxins you consume through your food and beverages, especially alcohol. Sometimes the liver gets overworked from toxic overload and needs some support to keep it functioning smoothly. Liver Essence by Pure Essence can provide your liver with the help it needs to keep doing its job. A burnt-out liver can lead to circulatory issues that can cause headaches, cold hands and feet, and joint pain and stiffness. Pure Essence's Liver essence contains a proprietary Botanical blend of liver-supporting extracts such as dong quai, gardena, licorice, and ginger. In addition, 300 mg of n-acetyl-cysteine and 150 mg silybin phospholipids deliver highly absorbable support for a healthy liver.

The benefits of taking LiverEssence may include:

  • Support for a healthy liver
  • Promotes healthy liver enzyme levels
  • Increased glutathione levels to aid in liver detoxification
  • Relief from liver blockage and congestion
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16001 (30 Capsules) | 16002 (60 Capsules)
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