L-Carnosine 500 mg 30 caps by Douglas Labs

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L-Carnosine 500 mg by Douglas Labs is a dietary supplement designed to protect cells from long-term damage caused by free radicals. L-Carnosine is a dipeptide comprised of the amino acids alanine and histadine. L-Carnosine 500 mg by Douglas Labs helps to replenish the supply of Carnosine normally found in the muscles and contribute to the healthy functioning of brain, skeletal and heart muscles. Carnosine also helps to regulate lactic acid that forms in the muscles during intense exercise in addition to providing antioxidant protection against premature cellular aging from free radicals.

Individuals who take L-Carnosine 500 mg by Douglas Labs on a regular basis as directed can receive a variety of important health benefits:

  • Assists cells in transforming fatty nutrients into energy.
  • Provides antioxidant protection to prevent cell membranes from oxidative stress caused by scavenging free radicals.
  • Helps slow the natural aging process of cells.
  • Improves athletic endurance and performance.
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