Better Bitters Classic Spray 1 fl. oz. by Herb Pharm

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After eating a meal, does your stomach start to resemble a balloon? That painful bloating can be caused by inadequate digestive function. If your digestive system is a bit sluggish, it may not process your foods efficiently leaving you in discomfort after eating. Better Bitters Classic spray by Herb Pharm can provide you with the relief you need to enjoy your meals without fear of impending indigestion. Bitter herbs taken prior to a meal can help stimulate the digestive system, signaling the body to start the process of digestion. If you’ve got a sluggish digestive system, Herb Pharm’s Better Bitters Classic gives your body a head-start with gentian and other digestion-supporting herbs so you can avoid the bloat later. 

The benefits of taking Better Bitters Classic may include:

  • Relief from gas, bloating, and pain
  • Support for healthy digestive function
  • Relief from indigestion

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