GUNA-Virus (2 Tubes) 8 g by Guna

by Guna
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With the existence of so many global viruses, people regularly experience virus-related illnesses, such as respiratory congestion, intestinal upset, sore throat, fever, pain and cold sores. Many viral illnesses clear up on their own when people have strong immune systems and take time to rest and heal. GUNA-Virus 2 Tubes 8 g by Guna, Inc. offers temporary relief of viral infection symptoms in an all-in-one natural ingredients blend:

  • GUNA-Virus 2 Tubes 8 g by Guna contains Beta endorphin to relieve pain.
  • It also contains Blood, Interferon gamma, Interleukin, Ling Chin mushroom, Lymphatic gland, Rice and Spleen to boost the immune system.
  • It offers Melatonin and Soybean antioxidant support.
  • It also offers Serotonin, a powerful neurotransmitter, to aid healing by improving the sleep-wake cycle, mood and the perception of pain.
  • GUNA-Virus 2 Tubes 8 g by Guna also contains Life everlasting to help reduce cold sores.

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