Garlinase 5000 100 tabs by Nature's Way

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Garlinase 5000 100 tabs by Nature’s Way is a natural garlic dietary supplement for heart health without the garlic flavor or breath. It contains 320 mg of garlic bulb extract in one daily tablet.

This formula contains 5,000 mcg of allicin, the most beneficial compound in fresh garlic, without any work, preparation, or smell. Garlic has many effects on the body that work together to provide multiple cardiovascular benefits. Garlic helps to prevent plaque from binding to proteins and therefore reduces plaque build. It also improves nitric oxide production to keep blood flowing properly through relaxed blood vessels. Garlic can reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol levels to help keep arteries healthy and blood pressure regular. The tablets are enteric-coated, so they are released in the small intestine and absorbed for maximum benefits. 

Nature’s Way Garlinase 5000 100 tabs provide cardiovascular support with natural garlic bulb extract.

  • Reduces cholesterol 
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Maintain healthy arteries 
  • Prevents plaque from forming
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