European Mistletoe Young Shoot .5 fl oz by Seroyal Genestra

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European Mistletoe by Seroyal Genestra is a liquid herbal dietary supplement designed to improve the functioning of the immune system in addition to breaking down breast and ovarian cysts and abnormal scar tissue. The key active ingredient found in this Seroyal Genestra formula is European Mistletoe Young Shoot extract sourced from the berries, leaves and stems of a semi-parasitic plant that grows on trees throughout America and Europe. This is an ideal supplement choice for any individual experiencing adverse health conditions related to the heart and blood vessels as it has proven effective at reducing blood pressure levels.

Men and women who incorporate European Mistletoe from Seroyal Genestra into their dietary regimen on a regular basis can receive a variety of important health benefits:

  • Supports a strong and healthy immune system.
  • Aids in breaking down breast and ovarian cysts and other scar tissues.
  • Helps lower blood pressure levels.
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.5 fl oz