EurOmega-3 Plus 60 tabs by EuroMedica

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This is not just another Fish oil or Omega 3 supplement. EurOmega-3 Plus 60 tabs by EuroMedica uses advanced technology to ensure body absorption and improved stability.

The use of enzymes and water to extract fatty acids produces phospholipids that are identical to those naturally found in the body. This makes for easy absorption so that the body cells can fully maximize the health benefits seen from using Omega 3 capsules. This supplement also uses unique peptides not found in fish, krill, or flax oil. Hence the EurOmega-3 Plus does not leave that unpleasant fish oil after taste. Whats more? With this supplement, you do not need to fear toxins or any other form of contaminants due to its third-party purity testing.

The benefits of using EurOmega-3 Plus may include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing the chances of heart diseases
  • improved skin quality
  • Less joint pain
Heat Sensitive Product
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60 Tablets