Curaphen Extra Strength 60 tabs by EuroMedica

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Curaphen Extra Strength by Euromedica is a naturally sourced pain reliever. It is a safe and effective choice for relief of occasional pain.

Curaphen Extra Strength combines Boswellia, DLPA, and Nattokinase, along with curcumin and turmeric oil for enhanced absorption. Together, these active ingredients increase the amount of the bodys natural pain relievers, endorphin and enkephalin. With the enhanced absorption, the active ingredients stay in the blood for a longer duration, allowing for even more effective pain relief.

Euromedicas Curaphen Extra Strength provides superior ingredients in a concentrated formula for award-winning pain relief with a single dose. It has been clinically proven to provide effective relief of mild to moderate acute pain.

  • Higher levels of effective ingredients in a concentrated dosage form compared to regular strength Curaphen
  • Different ingredients work through separate pathways resulting in significant pain relief
  • Enhanced absorption clinically proven to stay in circulation longer, providing even better pain relief

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