E-Gems Elite 1000 IU 60 gels by Carlson Labs

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E-Gems Elite 1000 IU by Carlson Labs is a combination of all the different variants in the vitamin E group, which includes eight kinds of natural tocotrienols and tocopherols. Studies have found that taking natural vitamin E may help support a healthy cardiovascular system and potentially protect the body against oxidative damage. Furthermore, natural forms of this nutrient group has been shown to be twice as biologically active as its synthetic counterparts.

Here are some of the benefits you may possibly enjoy from Carlson Labs E-Gems Elite 1000 IU:

  • May help support good health of the cardiovascular system, particularly the blood vessels
  • May be important to maintaining tendons, joints, skin, hair and ligaments
  • May aid in supporting healthy testosterone levels in men
  • Complete vitamin E complex offers superior bioavailability and optimal benefit
  • Carlson Labs E-Gems Elite 1000 IU is a powerful antioxidant source that may help reduce inflammation and damage cause by free radicals
  • May supports good brain health
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