E-Gems 400 IU 200 gels by Carlson Labs

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Vitamin E can be used to potentially help manage heart attacks, chest pain and high blood pressure. E-Gems 400 IU by Carlson Labs uses a variety of tocopherols, which are the foods that contain Vitamin E. Here is more information on the benefits of E-Gems 400 IU dietary supplement by Carlson Labs.

If you have problems with your cardiovascular health, then the Vitamin E dietary supplement, E-Gems 400 IU by Carlson Labs may be just right for you. Vitamin E has been known to assist with potentially fighting nervous system ailments and Alzheimer's Disease. Here the ingredients of Carlson Labs' E-Gems 400 IU:

  • D-Beta Tocopherol
  • D-Gamma Tocopherol
  • Soybean Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Vitamin E
Unlike other Vitamin E dietary supplements, this give different types of the all-important nutrient.
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