Fruits & Greens Natural Espresso by Nutri-Dyn

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Like a morning cup of Joe, Fruits & Greens Natural Espresso by Nutri-Dyn delivers an energizing burst of nutrition in the form of whole, organic fruit and vegetable extracts.

Bursting with vitamins and minerals, Fruits & Greens Natural Espresso by Nutri-Dyn is not merely nutritious but delicious as well. Sweetened with stevia rather than added sugars, it is completely safe for diabetics. In addition, Fruits & Greens Natural Espresso by Nutri-Dyn does not have any caffeine, gluten, wheat, or dairy. This fruits and greens powder is free from liver-clogging preservatives as well. In fact, it helps to detoxify the liver naturally while revitalizing and energizing the entire body

Packed with plant-based phytonutrients, including flax lignans and symbiotic intestinal flora. The digestive enzymes combine with free-radical fighting antioxidants to enhance the function of the immune system while aiding in cellular repair and recovery. This fruits and greens powder by Nutri-Dyn boosts the metabolism to support fat burning while optimizing cellular health.

With 15 certified organic foods, 70 trace minerals and 50 freeze-dried super foods, this fruits and greens powder alkalizes the body and balances overall pH levels. Key enzymes, probiotics and fiber work together to promote healthy digestion.

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