MCT/Butyrate with SunButyrate 15.6 fl oz by Douglas Labs

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MCT Butryate with SunButryate liquid contains MCT oil. MCT is short for medium chain triglycerides, which are a shorter chain fatty acid. Shorter chain fatty acids are more easily absorbed by the body. They are also converted to ketones by the body for energy. MCT/Butryate with SunButryrate liquid is an easy way to help meet goals if youre following a ketogenic diet. MCT Butyrate with Sunbutratye is easy to add to warm or cold beverages. It can provide energy for your body while also promoting a feeling of satiety.

MCT/Butryrate with SunBUtryate by Douglas Labs:

  • May promote healthy weight management when part of an overall healthy lifestyle
  • Provides energy in to the body when converted to ketones
  • Is derived from sunflower oil
  • Is naturally gluten free and GMO free
  • Has a great lemon-vanilla flavor
Heat Sensitive Product
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15.6 fl oz (liquid)