Diabetone Plus 90 vcaps by BioGenesis

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Diabetone Plus by BioGenesis is a dietary supplement that promotes a healthy metabolism and supports the healthy regulation of blood sugar through enhanced nutrition. Its ingredient list includes biotin, chromium, fenugreek, gymnema, quercetin, bitter melon, cinnamon bark, inositol, r-alpha lipoic acid, rutin, bilberry, vanadium and banaba. This product is meant to be used in conjunction with a diet consisting of whole foods with low glycemic values and high nutrition. It is often taken as a means to start the body on the process of transitioning the diet.

The synergistic ingredients perform many functions in regards to the regulation of blood sugar. It enhances insulin production naturally by stimulating the activity and reproduction of the pancreatic beta cells. In addition, insulin receptors are made to be more sensitive to reception, improving the body’s reaction to it. Building on this, the body’s natural ability to metabolize and transport glucose is bolstered. Many of the herbs work as stabilizers of blood sugar, keeping levels in a healthy range. Body energy production is targeted as well. By activating enhanced ATP mechanisms, the metabolizing of new and stored fat is greatly increased, aiding in weight loss.

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90 Vegetable Capsules