D-Mannose Plus 5oz by Klaire Labs

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The D-Mannose Plus 5oz by Klaire Labs is a dietary supplement that supports urinary tract and immune system health. This all-natural supplement is composed of sugars that formulate critical compounds in the body. The D-Mannose Plus 5oz all the cells within the body to communicate better with each other and:

• Aids the body is eliminating bad bacteria
• Displaced bad bacteria can be responsible for urinary tract infections
• Promotes a healthy blood sugar regulation throughout the body
• Is absorbed directly into the bloodstream from kidneys to the bladder

The D-Mannose Plus 5oz by Klaire Labs is effective at supporting healthy flora. This all-natural dietary supplement will not affect the friendly bacteria that is in the body. The D-Mannose Plus 5oz delivers the body naturally occurring sugars that have protective properties. This supplement will not interfere with blood sugar regulation and goes to work extremely fast. The D-Mannose helps to support a healthy immune system.

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