CoQ10 100 mg 90 gels by Carlson Labs

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CoQ10 100 mg by Carlson Labs is a supplement known for its many benefits, including providing energy. Without this important enzyme, your cells are unable to produce and use the energy they need to maintain good health. It also acts as an anti-oxidant to protect cells from aging and is important to metabolism. Although CoQ10 is naturally produced by the body, for various reasons, such as age and poor diet, people often need to take a supplement. CoQ10 100 mg by Carlson Labs is also used for:

  • Reducing the symptoms of muscular dystrophy
  • More rapid exercise recovery
  • Increasing heart and circulatory health
  • Reducing periodontal disease
  • Slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

Some people take CoQ10 100 mg by Carlson Labs to help improve their blood pressure, reduce liver problems, and even to reduce aches and pains related to exercise. This supplemental has also helped some people to prevent their migraine headaches.

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