CoEnzyme Q10 100 mg 30 gels by Douglas Labs

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This supplement by Douglas Labs contains coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance that enables the body to regulate energy levels. This substance is naturally found in mitochondria in the human body and various foods. CoEnzyme Q10 100 mg can be used to:

  • Defend against free radicals
  • Promote cell growth
  • Regulate energy levels
  • Improve cognitive health

Coenzyme Q10 can help people digest food in that it helps the body supply the energy to make the substances that they need for digestion, so it is important for gastrointestinal health. By taking this supplement before meals, people can more efficiently absorb the vitamins and minerals of food. This can boost energy levels and alertness.This supplement also acts as an antioxidant by protecting cells and organs from the harmful effects of free radicals. CoEnzyme Q10 100 mg by Douglas Labs may also boost a person's basal metabolic rate. This supplement can be a useful dietary aid for people who are trying to reduce their weight.

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