Choline Bitartrate 100 caps by Douglas Labs

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Choline Bitartrate, sold by Douglas Labs, has a make up that is similar to B vitamins. It is commonly used for diseases of the liver. Examples of the diseases Choline Bitartrate is used for are cirrhosis and hepatitis. Douglas Labs sells the product that is used for memory loss and dementia. Choline Bitartrate is often used by those who play sports as it can increase endurance levels in the body. It is sometimes used to increase muscle strength. Douglas Labs provides the supplement for those who want to lower cholesterol levels. Doses should not exceed 1,000 mg a day three times each day.

  • Increase memory function
  • Can be used to decrease asthma symptoms
  • Used by those with liver diseases
  • Can aid in treating some cases of depression
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100 caps