Chelated Copper 5 mg 100 tabs by Carlson Labs

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Copper is one of those minerals that is very important to your body, but might be easily flushed from your system. The problem is that certain metals must be continually replenished, such as copper. Carlson Labs Chelated Copper 5 mg is a way to ensure your body has all of the copper it needs.

Chelated copper is a form that is easy for your body to handle. Cooper assists with collagen, liver, brain, heart, kidneys and muscle development. Here are groups that might want to add Carlson Labs Chelated Copper 5 mg to their diets:

  • Athletes
  • Drug Rehabilitation Patients
  • Models
  • Surgery Recovering Patients
  • Seniors

Carlson Labs Chelated Copper 5 mg ensures that the mineral is easily absorbed by your body and can assist with energy production.

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