Cardio Triplex 120 gels by Protocol For Life Balance

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Cardio Triplex from Protocol for Life Balance is a heart health supplement made of three different nutrients designed to help improve the overall cardiovascular health of active individuals. The triplex includes red yeast rice (RYR), co-Q10 and fish oil, which are nutrients that affect the cardiovascular system in positive ways.

By including these nutrients together, this cardiovascular supplement ensures that these nutrients are available in a stable and bioavailable state. This maximizes the benefits of these nutrients of cardiovascular health while minimizing the amount of nutrients that cannot be used by the body.

The benefits of taking this heart health supplement include:

  • Acts as cardiovascular supplement by controlling and lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels while promoting healthy cholesterol
  • Aiding in the transfer of electrons, which can help improve the heart's ability to maintain itself
  • Maximizing mitochondria production in the heart, which is essential to safeguarding against damage while promoting overall heart health
  • Minimizing the presence of inflammation both in the cardiovascular system and in the entire body
  • May reduce the occurrence of blood clots, and aid the body's ability to control existing blood clots in the cardiovascular system
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