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Calcium D-Glucarate is also called CDG. It is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. In some veggies and fruits, very trace amounts of CDG can be found as well. The ingredient itself helps to excrete toxins from the body, and in this way, it is known as a toxin inhibitor. Some medical professionals also refer to it as a reducer of steroid hormones like estrogen as well.

How Is Calcium D-Glucarate Used by the Body?

The main job of calcium d-glucarate is to excrete toxins from the body. Humans long ago used to have enough of this substance in their bodies naturally because there were not as many toxins in the world. Today, all humans have to deal with potential toxins from foods, fossil fuels and other pollutants on a regular basis. For this reason, toxins may tend to build up in the body, and the liver and kidneys have difficult times filtering them out consistently. Calcium d-glucarate may help with this process.

The Benefits of Using Calcium D-Glucarate on a Regular Basis:

There are many benefits to using CDG or calcium d-glucarate by Douglas Labs as a dietary supplement. Again, it is impossible to get enough of this substance in your body from diet alone, so many people may choose to take it in a supplement form.

  • One of the main reasons that people take calcium d-glucarate as a dietary supplement is to decrease the amount of potential toxins that they have in their bodies.
  • In turn, a lowered amount of toxins will result in less possible DNA mutations.
  • The liver is what filters all of the toxins out of your body, and it plays an extremely important role. In this vein, you need to be able to detox it regularly, and CDG may possibly help you do this.
  • CDG may also help your liver and kidneys to filter out the large amounts of proteins that humans are meant to eat.
  • People who do not want to have excess amounts of estrogen for many reasons, including the possibility of menopausal symptoms. Taking calcium d-glucarate as a supplement may help lower the amounts of excess estrogen that may accumulate.
  • Lastly, calcium d-glucarate has been known to potentially lower the bad LDL cholesterol that is known to cause heart attacks and strokes.


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