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BodyBio PC by Bodybio is a liquid dietary supplement featuring phospholipid complex, commonly known as PC, a major lipid that benefits the body's blood proteins and cell membranes. The phospholipid contained in BodyBio contains an essential nutrient necessary not only for maintaining good brain health, but also promoting healthy functioning of the lungs, good digestive health and optimum liver function.

phospholipid complex is classified as a nootropic compound that offers several benefits that promote a healthy brain. These include improving the memory, increasing intellectual functioning, and helping to improve concentration skills. The majority of people are actually deficient in the supplies of Phosphatidylcholine they need for optimum brain functioning supplied by the all natural ingredients in this E-Lyte product.

Taking BodyBio PC as directed on a regular basis has also proven to be effective in promoting healthy liver function in the body since it actively helps to repair liver cell membranes. PC can also help to prevent a variety of diseases that affect the liver due to toxic substances, protecting its cells from fibrosis, damage caused by viruses, as well as preventing premature liver cell death due to the ingestion of alcohol, drugs and other chemicals which can prove toxic to the liver.

This supplement has proven helpful in adults experiencing hepatitis A, B and C. Proper choline supplementation can also prove useful in reversing the toxic effects of fatty liver disease. Phosphatidylcholine also promotes good gastrointestinal health, thanks to the protective layer of mucus it provides to the digestive tract. It can help to prevent bleeding of the stomach lining that often occurs after taking certain drugs that cause inflammation in addition to eliminating symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

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